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General FAQ

As daily users of media sharing sites ourselves, we got so annoyed by the abundance and ridiculous amount of advertisements that are visualized on many media sharing sites.

We do understand that in order to run a successful business money has to be involved, but we found most commonly used advertising techniques absolutely horrific. Our idea is to provide a friendly, safe and innovative user experience which is not cluttered in ads. Hence, we understand the three priorities: Privacy, effectiveness, and no annoyance through advertising, such as popups.

Those are our priorities and this is where we separate us drastically from any competition. A media playing and sharing service built for speed, simplicity, and security.

Very easy.

We differentiate ourselves from our competition by the ease and friendliness of use. You can simply sign yourself up for a free account, or not, and upload as many files as you like.

These files can be played and shared with your family and friends and you can gain points and money while doing it!

Points is our competitive measurement system. You gain different amount of points for uploading media, commenting on media, etc. You can compete with and other users to reach a higher score! It is fun.

They generally will never get deleted. What we do, though, in order to keep up servers clean and up and running at full speed, we will notify users who have files that have not been visited by anyone for the past 60 days.

In case you would like to keep the file store, just follow the instructions in your email to keep it up.

No, we do not. We do prioritize premium users to get higher download speeds, though.

What that means is that in case some of our servers are reaching some of their limits during certain parts of the day, we will send the request from specific premium member groups to servers which have more resources available at given time.

Money FAQ

First off, make sure you enroll in our Affiliate Program.

Once you are checked the box and saved the settings, you will gain access to the Affiliate tab with all of your needed statistics and information.

The moment visitors watch your uploaded videos, gaze at your images and listen to your audio files - that is what you earn money for.

Currently, we offer PayPal and Payza as our payout processors. If you wish to see another option, contact us and we will discuss it.

Within your affiliate account you have your referral link. You need to send this one to your family or friends and if anyone signs up after having visited your link, you will receive a referral.

Once you have referrals start uploading media you will start earning 30% of the total revenue they make.

Please, log in and look at the affiliate information tab.

Many other questions are answered there and if anything is left unanswered, feel free to contact us.