About Us

Our way is mixed mining with most profitable equipment, mainly S9 and Video card mining rigs, to get highest income from cryptocurrency mining. What get our clients? About 9-10% of monthly pure mining profit, free from any fee and about 8% monthly from 1 year contracts equipment reimbursement. Thanks to this our clients have 17-18% profit per 1 month. Our experts effectively carry out operations with mined coins, allowing us, to pay our investors a fair share of profit income.

Our ability to combine high-tech and maximum effective production cryptocurrency, based on the 3-year experience in mining, trading and investing.

We offer Bitcoin Cloud Mining Contracts the right way:

  • transparent.
  • convenient.
  • and above all cost-effective.

Our main office is located in Dennenstraat 31, Mechelen, Belgium. In the same time our crypto currency mining farms located in South America and Eastern Europe because of cheaper operating cost. Bit Legend have own capital about 28,000,000 Euro, consisting of a set of crypto currency, also we have mining equipment which costs many millions. And always have additional profit from long term investing.

You have an opportunity to start mining Bitcoin and avoid all the usual problems you can face when buying mining equipment, like the delays in delivery, breakage losses, and the need for a sufficient power supply or cooling devices.